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MuddRuckers Completes Challenging Trenchless Culvert Repairs for CN Rail


MUDDRUCKERS CONCRETE LEVELING & LIFTING, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, are the pioneer users in their region of a well-tested trenchless pipe repair solution from AP/M Permaform known as CentriPipe, a centrifugally cast concrete pipe (CCCP) process. “We were the first local contractors in our area. Prior to this, we’d completed 12 CentriPipe projects,” explains general manager Doug Cook. “As people see the results and realize how useful it is as a cost-effective trenchless repair system, we’re seeing more new opportunities for it.”

Basically, CentriPipe uses a manually operated, sled-mounted spincaster, withdrawn through large diameter pipe, to spray thin, smooth layers of high-strength, fiber-reinforced fine aggregate composite concrete onto the inner surfaces of failing sewers, pipes, and culverts. In two to three passes, the process casts a brand new, structurally sound concrete pipe that adheres tightly to failing substrate (thus leaving no annular space for water flow) without relying on the substrate for support. In most cases, the new pipe is less than two inches thick, so flow capacities are only minimally affected. Additional advantages of CCCP include minimal staging areas; the ability to spincast onto virtually all existing materials, including CMP, brick, and cast iron; cure times of less than a day; the ability to spincast effectively in moist conditions; and cost-effectiveness. In large diameter pipe, CentriPipe’s per foot costs compare very favorably to competing solutions such as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP).

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