Avoiding a Traffic Jam - Fixing large culverts without disrupting traffic

Stormwater Solutions Magazine

By Angus W. Stocking

Grottoes, Va., is a town of 2,600 people, and is notable for its proximity to Grand Caverns, America’s oldest show cave. As underground features go, Grand Caverns is a good one, but of course Grottoes has the usual complement of underground infrastructure that make any town work. In 2013, one significant asset, a large storm water system, was in trouble. The Virginia Department of Transportation provides funding for the maintenance of streets and storm water networks, and as part of that arrangement, VDOT requires the town to conduct annual inspections. In the last report, a large set of elliptical corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culverts didn’t pass inspection. “Our consultant, Schwartz & Associates, told us the culverts were in poor condition,” said Grottoes Town Manager Jeff Nicely. “They said there was severe corrosion, and that individual sections were failing and misaligned. They recommended replacement.”

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